Direct Access to Digital Experts

PASS is not just another marketing agency; it is direct access to a team of certified experts with years of experience. With PASS you will receive the expertise and attention you deserve. Every member of our team is qualified and driven to help you succeed. Fill out our free account audit to hear back from one of our experts and see just how much we can do for you.

The Attention You Deserve

If you have a remarkable product or service, your potential customers deserve to hear about it. That’s the magic of running great ads! No wait. No guessing. Just results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

PASS is dedicated to our clients’ success and will go above and beyond each time to deliver the very best results. We work to minimize wasted ad spend and to maximize leads and revenue. Our tailor-made approach will help your business thrive.


We are privileged to serve clients across a range of industries.

We are not a standard digital marketing agency.

With PASS you will get:

  • Direct support from a team of experts
  • Affordable pricing for quality work 
  • Regular communication and reporting
  • Customizable plans and pricing 
  • Customer satisfaction 

We are...

  • Experienced
  • Responsive
  • Transparent
  • Knowledgeable
  • Versatile
  • Location Agnostic
  • Collaborative
Most importantly, we make your ad campaigns profitable.

Here’s what we can do for you.

✓ Optimize your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages

✓ Manage your campaign architecture, including ad groups, keyword structure, bidding, targeting, and budgeting

✓ Implement the latest tools and technologies to keep you ahead of your competition

✓ Develop and execute paid campaigns on a variety of ad platforms

✓ Deliver weekly ROI reports so you’re always up to date

✓ Connect you with our trusted network of freelancers for a variety of marketing services


Certified in all aspects of Google Ads, including Apps, Display, Measurement, Search, Shopping, and Video


Certified in YouTube Ads and Microsoft ads
YouTube Certified
Microsoft Ads Accredited



Google Ads

PASS has demonstrated that they have the latest Google Ad Expertise and is an Official Google Partner. Click on the logo above to learn more.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads let you target people similar to those who have already engaged with your social media pages.

YouTube Ads

Leverage the power of video, storytelling, and personal charisma to build brand awareness, attract leads, and generate sales.

Amazon Ads

Amazon is the biggest retail opportunity for physical products. An estimated 50% of all e-commerce dollars are transacted on the platform.


When a customer runs a Google search, they usually only look at the top 5 organic search results. Do you have webpages ranking for the keywords your customers are searching?

Social Media

PASS can help you with content creation, social media management, ads management, and full social campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

You can easily track form submissions, app downloads, purchases, phone calls, and store visits.

We Get Results

Verified New Leads
1 K
Managed Ad Spend
$ 0.1 M
Average Cost Per Lead
$ 0.01

Request a Free Audit

This is one of our favorite ways to introduce ourselves and showcase our expertise. Our audits are easy-to-read and actionable. Our audits’ recommendations can immediately produce positive results for your business.


Premium Account Support Services (PASS) is a digital marketing consulting agency. The company’s experienced team of experts provide in-depth analysis, advanced strategy, and ongoing management for agencies and businesses advertising online.

Large agencies often push customers toward standardized services, charge substantial overhead fees, hand accounts to a team of undertrained and overworked staff, then outsource the work to an offshore white-label agency. In contrast, PASS provides a certified expert to help you achieve your goals. We directly perform a variety of marketing services that can be customized to fit your business’ needs.

We recognize that each business is different. This is why we love consultations. The marketing strategy that works best for you will depend on many factors, such as your product or service, audience, price point, competitors, and so much more. After we collaboratively determine the right marketing plan for you, we have the capabilities and connections to put your plan into practice.

Our audits assess the status of your marketing strategy today and give personalized, easy-to-read, and actionable recommendations for growth.

PASS provides dynamic conversion tracking and reporting. This allows you to monitor what ads or webpages are generating leads, how people are interacting with your website, and what ads or webpages are converting visitors into customers.

Businesses can take advantage of programs like PayPal Credit and PayPal Working Capital loans.

PASS offers custom plans to fit your business needs and budget. Speak with one of our experts to explore options and tailor a solution that works for you.

Our team first met while working at Microsoft Ads in New York City. Everyday we would strategize, solve problems, and learn the best account management practices. Our title was “Premium Account Specialists.” We had so much fun working together, we decided to organize our efforts into PASS (Premium Account Support Services).

PASS offers a variety of services that can be combined to help any business succeed. Whether you are a new start-up or well-known business, you will benefit from PASS. Whatever service or product you offer, we can help you thrive.  

Call us at 321-236-1030 or email us at You can also request a free marketing audit and consultation on our Contact page.