Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads let you target people similar to your existing followers and customers. Based on demographic and psychographic data, these individuals are very likely to become new fans and customers.

Why would you not want to connect with this audience?

PASS can help you with all aspects of your social media ad campaigns.

We can…

  • write relatable text that grabs and holds your ideal customers’ attention
  • design graphics and videos that are personal, visual, and simple
  • improve your existing creative assets
  • manage, scale, and optimize your campaigns
  • design landing pages and email marketing funnels that convert interest into sales
  • track your ads’ performance, even when someone leaves Facebook and then buys your product at a later date
  • launch product catalogs so people can purchase directly inside Facebook

It is hard enough to generate the right content but even harder to get the desired exposure needed to attract business. Our team has managed and scaled the efforts of advertisers on social media platforms that have generated thousands of new leads and dollars in revenue. Let us help you by filling out the free audit below.