Social Media

Are you crushing it on social media? Depending on what you need, PASS can help you with content creation, social media management, ads management, and full social campaigns.

PASS follows 7 social media principles.

  1. Focus on fans, not followers. Respond to what people, influencers, and companies post. Create content that helps followers express themselves.
  2. Be generous. Answer questions in groups, forums, and more. Cross niches and meet new communities.
  3. Follow a calendar. Focus blogs, videos, and social media on specific themes that change throughout the year.
  4. Don’t sell. Share information that helps people. Create entertainment that makes people smile.
  5. Mix it up. Post infographics, quizzes, contests, reels, stories, live streams, and more. Boring doesn’t work.
  6. Scale up. Advertise posts that get high engagement. Work with influencers. Co-market.
  7. Have a sense of humor. Be personable. Keep it simple.

Word of mouth is online. If you’re not thriving on social media, let’s talk. If you are thriving, but you want to get your life back, let’s still talk.